Fairy Garden

Fairies have come
to live on The Farm!

“Sparkle & Tinkerbell” and more of their magical fairy friends have created a home in one of our gardens at The Farm. Take a stroll through The Fairy Garden to see if you can find them.

Fairy Facts

  • Fairies are the caretakers of nature
  • The good fairies guide travelers who are lost in the forest, help with household chores, and if they are fond of you, they might lead you to treasure, give you magical gifts, help you win your love, or cast a lucky charms
  • The mischievous fairies find enjoyment in misleading travelers or luring them into exhausting dances that go for days. Sometimes, they provoke our animals such as pinching horses, stealing milk from cows, and playing cat-and-mouse with cats
  • Fairies look like tiny humans with legs and arms just like us but they also have 2 beautiful wings on their back that sparkle as they fly. Fairies are truly beautiful in appearance, they have usually with long hair and they are extremely delicate. They measure only a few inches tall

More Facts

  • Each fairy is slightly different and each have different personalities. Some fairies are talkative, some are quiet; some fairies love to play in gardens, some love to sit quietly and read. Often a fairy’s colour reflects their personality.
  • They love to eat raisins and sultanas, milk and honey and fruit of all kinds – especially berries
  • Fairies love all things sparkly but don’t like Salt